360° Marketing Solution

What is a 360° marketing solution?

A 360° marketing approach is a holistic marketing philosophy that spreads across multiple platforms, using a mix of brand elements, but catering to a singular central idea. In other words, when a brand employs a marketing strategy that covers television, internet platforms, billboards, product packaging, and other traditional media; and all these campaigns are tied together by a central advertising element, it is known as a 360° marketing campaign.

Why a 360° Marketing Campaign Solution For Your Business?

Besides the simple reason that there’s too much crowd in the market and the company has to stand out in some way, here are few reasons why brands invest in a 360° marketing campaign.

1) Brand Positioning

Brand positioning is the space a brand occupies in the brains of its customers. It is built with the several interactions of the customer with the brand. If a brand plans to set or alter its brand positioning, releasing just a TV commercial or a newspaper ad will not be enough.


2) Prioritize Campaigns

One thing consistently holds true – every business is unique. Knowing this, Dodwell Solutions will coordinate a workshop with your team to gather requirements, learn about your business and ultimately provide you with the optimal prioritization engine solution based on your needs and levels of experience.


3) Building Brand Image

When a new brand is launched into the market it is highly effective to use a single marketing element in all of its campaigns thereby using the 360° marketing approach.


4) Market a New Product or Service

New product launches are a perfect time to employ 360° campaign-based marketing strategies since they divert all of the consumer attention to the new product or service.


5) Revive A Poor Performing Product

Some brands use the 360° approach to revive the positioning of the not-so-well performing product. This is usually done because the company hasn’t focused on the product’s marketing for a long time.


6) Rebranding Strategy

When a brand wants to present a completely new image of itself to the target market, a 360-degree campaign helps them turn over a new leaf in the consumer psyche.

Getting Started On a 360° Marketing Campaign Implementation

A 360° campaign is focused on capitalizing on every interaction of a brand with the target audience.

Suppose you invest in a really good idea campaign idea with the tagline “give her a holiday of her dreams” but your website is nowhere visible when the customer searches for the same keyword on the internet. Plus you don’t even have a webpage specifically designed for this campaign.

How successful is your marketing campaign in such case?

A 360 marketing campaign will also focus on developing a landing page and investing in SEO for the same. This will not only give you more spotlight but also increase your sales if the landing page leads the customer to the purchase page where the holiday trips are designed specifically for couples.